Wednesday, 12th October. The autumnal recrutation for new ESN UAM Poznań members lasts. Becasue of that we decided to convince students in person what an amazing team we are. Begining from Wednesday, one could have met us at Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures, on Thursday we visited Faculty of Political Science and Journalism and on Friday we promoted ourselves at Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences – search for photos below. Meanwhile, this Tuesday (18 of October) at 19:00, in „Jowita” Dormitory a rectrutation meeting will take place, during which we will tell about our actions in details.

Thursday, 13th October. It’s really cold outside but this is not the reason to freeze! This is why we invited our students for a trip to Termy Maltańskie – the biggest and the most modern sport and recreation center in Poland which uses geothermal waters which come from the depth of 1306 meters under the ground! Let the attendance be the proof for the fact that it was worth it! We don’t get to collect 35 participants for autumnal swimming pool visit everyday, especially at 21:00.

         ESN-ER OF THE MONTH      

Along with the begining of new academic year, we start new series of articles in ESN Weekly News. Every month we will select (and reward!) the most hard-working member of our organisation! Of course, we don’t lack in motivation for work, but let’s be honest – everybody likes to be appreciated.

In September, an ESNer of the month became… Anna Światnienko! She has been an active member of ESN UAM Poznań for two and a half years. She studies international relations on a daily basis and she is interested in travel and theater. Thanks to her commitment into autumnal edition of Mentor Programme, we managed to bring together as many as 168 people willing to help foreign students with getting familiar with the reality in Poznań. We want to present to you a short conversation with Anna below.

EWN: You have been chosen as an ESNer of the month not without any reason – you have worked so hard. Not everybody finds a willingness to spend their free time on additional activities. Where do you take your motivation from?

ANNA: I enjoy what I do so much! I was on Erasmus myself, twice, so I know how important it is to support, especially at the begining, a person who for the first time came to another country. Here in Poznań, there are many students who are thinking about going on Erasmus or who want to improve their language skills or who have just come back from the exchange and they don’t want to lose contact with international entourage. Gathering those people together is an amazing adventure! What I do gives me a lot of satisfaction – a feeling when Erasmus – Mentor pair has fun together – cannot be described in any words! Those people generate a massive amount of possitive energy and it is infectious. It motivates to do so much more. 

EWN: How did it happen that you joined ESN?

ANNA: Totally by accident (loughs). I came back from Erasmus and I was waiting for a professor to schedule a meeting to even the differences in programme. It was the begining of March, cold, and I came back from warm Cyprus, I was complaining about it because unfortunately climate here is the way it is. I was sharing my pain with a mate from my studies. Daria, who as it turned out was in ESN, heard us. She said that right now there is a recrutation and joining this organisation for sure will make my return to Poland less painful. I didn’t hesitate for too long!

EWN: A recrutation for new ESN members lasts. What would you say to those who hesitate if they should join us? Do you think everybody could find their place in our organisation?

ANNA: In ESN everyone could find something for them! We are different, but we share the same enthusiasm for action and willingness to do something more. Everybody decides on their own to which extent he or she wants to be involved in the work of the section. You can start with being a coordinator or with being a member of working group of a project that you like the most but you don’t have to restrict yourself to only one group. We support each other, we have a lot of fun together and we develop. I wholeheartedly recommend!

Anna Światnienk, once again, congratulations! Don’t lose your ESN spirit! Our new partner, U Rzeźników restaurant, prepared a gift for our winner – enjoy!