Tuesday, November 8th. We started Social Erasmus Week - Autumn 2016! Four of our section members accompanied by five international friends (from The Netherlands, Turkey, Spain and Portugal) visited "Nasze Przedszkole" kindergarten in the Wichrowe Wzgórze neighbourhood. The subject of our meeting was autumn. That's why we've spent almost an hour and a half on autumn games and making autumn artworks. Pictures below, in the gallery.

Wednesday, October 9th. There's the frost outside but our hearts aren't frozen. The second day of Social Erasmus Week we spent on visiting Poznań's animal shelter. For the past few weeks Erasmus students have been bringing gifts (blankets, towels, food, treats and toys for the animals). Additionally, during October's Orientation Week by selling the stuff left in our office by our last year's students we've collected some money to buy the most needed things for the shelter. Seven section members accompanied by seven Erasmus students took all the collected and bought stuff to the shelter. When the opportunity occured we also visited the shelter with one of the workers who told us about the responsibilities and problems that this place has to deal with. Pictures below, in the gallery.

Thursday, November 10th. Again, we met the youngest of our society - this time in the Non-public “Kolumbus” kindergarten. Three ESN UAM Poznań members with four girls from Erasmus talked to "starszaki" (the oldest kids in the kindergarten) about the Saint Martin street's name day which fell on the following day. During our 1,5 hour meeting we've taught the children a song, told them a legend about Saint Martin and prepared Saint Martin's croissants made of salt dough.

Friday, November 11th. 98 years after Poland appeared on the world's map again, Poles, in the different parts of the country, solemnly celebrated the National Independence Day. Traditionally in Poznań this commemoration coincided with the Saint Martin street’s name day - one of the most important streets in the history of Poznań. On this occasion a colourful parade went through the city, a concert, workshops and fireworks show took place. We couldn't miss that so together with Erasmus students we've joined thousands of Posnanians to celebrate with them while eating delicious traditional croissants.

Some celebrated, others went to celebrate and to strenghten the relations. On Friday members of all the ESN sections in Poznań went to Ciążeń to take place in a traditional three-day integration and training trip. How did it look like and why was it so perfect? You're going to find out reading next week's ESN Weekly News edition.


The title of the ESNer of the month in October has been awarded to… Angelika Kubiak, who is the Erasmus Ambassador this year. Angelika is responsible, among other things, for integration of the ESN members with the Erasmus students. She also takes part in and helps with the organization of almost every event, which could not have been overlooked. Below you can find a short interview with Angelika. She’s a 2nd year student of a master degree in International tourism. She comes from Włocławek and joined ESN UAM Poznań last year in October. She is keen on traveling, her dream is to visit all the European countries and America, and, if she is lucky, also the rest of the world.

EWN: You have been awarded the title of the ESNer of October because you devote most of your free time to ESN UAM Poznań. How do you think, is it worth it? Does membership in ESN give you something more than just a feeling of satisfaction?

ANGELIKA: Definitely it is worth it! Joining the section was one of my best decisions I made during the studies. Meeting new people from various parts of the world gives me enormous satisfaction. In addition, I learn a lot of useful things, such as organizing events, management and working in group, which will certainly be valuable in my future career. ESN, above all, means friendship and developing one’s skills.

EWN: You are the Erasmus Ambassador in our section. Explain us, please, what does it consist in and what are your responsibilities?

ANGELIKA: The task of an ambassador is what I have always wanted to introduce since I joined the section, namely more integration among Erasmus students and ESN members. Of course, we organized events for the Erasmus students, but I noticed that during these events the ESN members often had fun separately and the Erasmus students separately too. I want to change this, I want to make that events are organized not because our ESN section is obliged to do so, but because we want to meet and have fun together with our new exchange friends. My other responsibilities also include promoting the events of ESN UAM Poznań among our Erasmus students and publishing these events on their facebook group.

EWN: You are the first Erasmus Ambassador in the ESN UAM Poznań section, have you already had some adventures or untypical situations connected to it?

ANGELIKA: So far everything has been going smoothly. Indeed, it is a new function which I am trying to fulfill as well as I can. I try to take part in each event and to talk to the Erasmus students. I have also noticed that the ESN members integrate with them better now than it was in the past. I hope that should any untypical situation occur, I will be able to help and solve problems.

EWN: Do the Erasmus students often turn to you to get help? What is the difference between the post of the Erasmus Ambassador and a person who is a Mentor of an Erasmus student?

ANGELIKA: The Erasmus students often write to me to ask about the events or to find out if any trips are going to be organized. I do my best, whenever I have some doubts I know I can rely on help of other section members. When it comes to the differences between my post and a person who is a Mentor, the thing is that a Mentor usually takes care of one to three Erasmus students and I have to help everyone who needs help or whenever their Mentor is absent or is unable to help in a given situation. Also, not each Mentor is a member of ESN UAM Poznań, and my task, as I mentioned before, is to integrate ESN members with the Erasmus students.

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