New academic year begins any moment now! In October hundreds of students from dozens of european countries are coming to study in Poznań. During the next few months members of ESN UAM Poznań will do their best to make your stay in our city become something more than just ordinary students adventure. This year, we will be informing you about all of our actions in our ESN Weekly News – a review about events from the life of ESN that we post every week. We are starting up very soon – on the 9th of October. You can expect a fresh dose of Erasmus news every Sunday at 7 p.m. Photos, reviews, interviews, „Erasmus of the week” and „ESN-er of the month” cycles – all of that and much more you can find in „ESN Weekly News” section on our website.                                                           

Summer holidays are the time of desired rest. ESN though, works throughout the whole year. That’s why on the 29th of September we started recrutation for Mentor Programme. It works by the rule: STUDENTS HELPING STUDENTS. As many as 168 people has signed up! Alltogether they will help 295 foreign students from 20 countries to get familiar with the reality in Poznań.

New academic year brings to Poznań a lot of new students from all over Poland as well. Knowing that probably a lot of them will be interested in joining us, on the 27th of September we started our autumnal recrutation for new members of ESN UAM Poznań. Students who want to join us, can do it till the 18th of October. Meanwhile, we want to ensure you that Erasmus Student Network is something way more than just students organisation!

Speaking of the begining of studies, it has to be epic! That’s why we’re carrying on with our tradition and on the 3rd of October Orientation Week starts! We have 7 days of unforgettable fun ahead of us. Official inauguration, welcoming Flag party, legendary Pub Crawl, visiting local brewery Lech, sightseeing of the city, Porta Posnania and Inea Football Stadium as well as relaxation by the lake „Strzeszynek”, Eurodinner and of course integration parties in our best clubs – all of that is waiting for our foreign guests. You will find the report from Orientation Week in the next edition of ESN Weekly News!



Last but not least… a brief summary. Poznań attracts and gathers together people from all over the world. But does it work only one way? Of course not! In the map next to you can see that there is no such thing as boarders for us. Where were we this summer? Which cities did we visit? Have a look. Who knows, maybe we have been around your homeland?