Monday, 25th April 2016. 

Tramparty - a cult party in a tram, for which people are waiting with impatience. Punctually at 10p.m. from Gwarna tram stop we set off on an hour-and-a-half town tour. Instead of a ticket control, a crazy Spanish themed party waited for the participants. What was the next stop? Of course Colloquium club - which means Spanish afterparty, oléééé!


Tuesday, 26th April 2016.

Again we visited Henryk Zygalski Electrical School Complex no 1 in Poznań. Sport equals health, that is why this time we invited Erasmus students to a football game. Students of the technical school were our rivals. Both teams were supported by fans. We had so much fun that instead of only one planned match, we played two - both victorious!


Thursday, 28th April 2016.

United in Diversity we showed that skin colour, religion or nationality aren’t a barrier for us. Together with the Deputy Mayor of the City of Poznań, along with support of the local authorities and involvement of many voluntary organisations and media, we created a human caption „UNITY” made of people holding their hands on Plac Wolności.


Thursday, 28th April 2016.

We ended the day with a party. Equipped with headphones, we had fun in the Trops club during a Silent Disco event having at a disposal three different music channels. As befits a party of this kind, students flocked into the club and weren’t willing to leave it for a long time.

Friday, 29th April 2016.

A trip to Gniezno not only was an opportunity to visit the first capital of Poland, but also a great chance to socialise in the fresh air. „Erasmus Forest” Project, which concentrates on planting trees together with the employees of the State Forests of Gniezno district, really appealed to foreign students. Even more so because after little physical activity, a big picnic prepared by the foresters was waiting for us.


Saturday, 30th April 2016.

About 60 kilometers from Poznań there is a small town Wolsztyn, famous for its annual locomotives parade. We thought the chance of showing this unique parade to our Erasmus students was too good to miss. And because the event was all about trains, we reached Wolsztyn using this means of transport too.