Your favourite ESN doesn’t sleep, ESN is all set! A new week means new challenges – and so we decided to take on the next ones! We’re launching a  weekly ESN News chronicle. A summary of the passing week, photos, short text reports – from now on you’ll find it all every Sunday on our website and on our facebook fanpage. Here we go!

Wednesday, 20th April 2016.

Taking advantage of the spring nice weather, we organised a trip to the New ZOO in Poznań. Eagles, Siberian tigers, elephants, camels – paradoxically they didn’t turn out to be the main attraction. An animal farm with goats, sheep, donkeys and ponies enjoyed the biggest popularity among the Erasmus students. The tourist railway Maltanka alike, on which we got when our legs refused to support us. And last but not least, it’s worth remembering that for the Erasmus students there is no difference between a roe deer, a deer, or an antelope – they all can be called „Bambi” after all!


Thursday, 21st April 2016.

In the „Polonez” dormitory we organised yet another edition of the cult Eurodinner. There were plenty of both students and dishes – culinary gourmets one again had a chance to taste dishes from  very different parts of the world and they seized this opportunity because the food was disappearing from all the tables with lightning speed. Special recognition gained a lemon meringue pie prepared by Constantin Bonnet from France. Sincere congratulations to the winner of ErasmusChef Contest!

Constantin Bonnet:

I come from France, I live in Lille, a town in the north of France. I'm studying Civil engineering in Bethune (close to Lille). I've been in Poland since the 1st of April and I’m going to stay here for 3 months. I have a project in Civil engineering with the Politechnika University.
I really like cooking and baking, it's always a good time enabling me to share pleasure with people. I can't say I'm a good cook but I take great pleasure and I love learning new recipes.
This lemon meringue pie is my favorite dessert, I made this recipe for the first time with my older sister,  then I was only responsible for the meringue. Later I started preparing lemon meringue pie on many occasions because it's a very easy and popular recipe!
This recipe comes from the Internet, nothing ancestral! But there is always something to change, make it perfect! For example, I didn't put the zest in one I made for the Eurodinner because I couldn't cut it finely.
Because I’ve been in Poland only since the 1st of April I haven’t tried all the Polish dishes yet but I really like Pierogi and especially Pierogi Ruskie! I had a chance to make pierogi with some friends and it's even better when it's self made!


Friday, 22nd April 2016.

It’s time for a picnic oranised by ESN Poznań United! After 3p.m. students from different universities in Poznań met in Cytadela Park. There were some competitions, sport games, and there was a crowd of the Erasmus students. What more could we ask for? Perhaps a group picture, which we obviously took!


Friday, 22nd April – Saturday, 23rd April 2016.

A week without sports would be like a Monday night without a visit to Wrocławska street. ESNOLYMPICS competitions entered a decisive phase now. ESN UAM Poznań representation went to Łódź in order to fight for promotion to the pan-European finals. Despite genuine commitment of our team both in volleyball and football matches, they were just a few points short of beating the representation from Warsaw.


Friday, 22nd – Sunday, 24th April 2016.

Upgrade in Kraków, organised by AGH University of Science and Technology, was a yet another opportunity for integration and training courses for ESN section members from all over Poland. Recently recruited section members [Polish: „świeżynki”] were familiarised with the details of functioning of the ESN organisation on its different levels, and the Public Relations and Fundraising specialists had an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and enhance their skills.