This time we would like to invite you to the most charming and picturesque place – Wolsztyn. We want to show you an event that is well-known and famous both in Poland and abroad and it is STEAM LOCOMOTIVES PARADE.

With ESN UAM Poznań you will see the most known places of Wolsztyn such as: 
- the Old Town 
- old round-house
- steam locomotives parade

The price of the trip is ***25zł*** (if you have ESNcard) or ***30zł*** (if you don't have ESNcard) and it includes:
- train tickets (with student discount)
- participation in steam locomotives parade

IMPORTANT: All the activities and tickets are valid for student discount so you need to have your Polish STUDENT CARD - if you don't have it or YOU ARE OLDER THAN 26 - contact us for more info! 

The price doesn't include:
- dinner in the old town
- souvernirs :P

To sign up, fill this form:

This time, there is no limit in places so we whole heartedly ecourage everybody interested to take part in the trip!
Deadline to purchase the ticket: 19.04 (Wednesday ) in ESNoffice (Grunwaldzka 6 street, room 102).

Hope to see you there!

29/04/2017 - 09:00 to 20:00