We're happy to annouce "Spanish/Turkish Evening" - our next in line "National Evening".

The meeting is all about presenting these two countries and its cultures, giving potential tourists a practical advice, trying traditional food and spending nice time together!
If you come from Spain/Turkey we'll be happy if you contribute so your international friends can learn about your motherland from YOU! Isn't it the best source? 

The meeting will take place on Sunday (April 9th) at 9Stóp and it'll start at 18.00.
We hope to see you there! After all, that's what Erasmus is really about - learning about new cultures! 

Questions, information, more details? Please, contact our Cool'ture coordinator: Natalia Zielińska.

09/04/2017 - 18:00
Piątkowska 92, 60-649 Poznań
Meeting Point: 
Piątkowska 92, 60-649 Poznań
Contact details: 
9stóp Akademickie Centrum Kultury i Sportu
Piątkowska 92, 60-649 Poznań