• For a few months now ESN UAM Poznań section Has been pursuing the cooperation on an international scale.Finally we reached our goal, which resulted in a first intersectional meeting with the ESN LEI Potsdam (Niemcy). It took place from the 27th to 29th
  • On 3 June 2016 General Meeting of Members of ESN UAM Poznań section elected a new Board and a new Board of Audit.
  • On January 29th 2017, thanks to the ingenuity and commitment of the SocialErasmus group with Paulina Sikorska at the head of it, the idea of workshops ‘Chat That Up’ (ZaGadaj-DoGadaj) was awarded the title of ‘the project of the week’!
  • Going abroad as part of the Erasmus+ program is a valuable and unforgettable experience.
  • Kolejny tydzień roku akademickiego dobiegł końca. Co działo się przez ostatnie dni i jak ten czas spędzili członkowie sekcji ESN UAM Poznań oraz studenci programu Erasmus? Sami zobaczcie!


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